Discover the Benefits of Stem Cells and Dental Implants

Although the procedure of using dental implants has been around for centuries, it has only been recently that stem cells have become an integral part of dentistry. New technology has enabled stem cells to be applied directly into the teeth.

stem cells dental implants

Stem cells are found in the skin and they can be manipulated and turned into any cell you wish. They are useful in regenerating your cells, especially if you suffer from diseases like diabetes or arthritis. This technology is used in the laboratory in order to grow stem cells to create the bone cells that are necessary for dentists to provide your teeth with the ability to grow back.

Currently the dentists are using a process called hydrogel based plastic resins in place of dental implants. This material is highly flexible and is much more durable than silicone gel.

The resins can be used to grow the patient’s tooth in place of the missing tooth. These dental implants will never need to be replaced, ever.

It is always recommended that patients who have suffered from missing teeth should not use dental implants until and unless they receive recommendations from their dentist to the contrary. The reason for this is that dental implants tend to be more stable and permanent than their original counterparts.

The dentist may use artificial fillings to replace the lost teeth with a dental implant. The advantage of this method is that it can be made to resemble the original teeth.

It is important to remember that dental implants will remain in place for life, whereas a dental implant is meant to grow in overtime. Having a dental implant can help to maintain a healthy smile by providing a place where natural teeth can grow.

For many years the procedure of making dental implants was extremely expensive and very difficult. To begin with it involved removing teeth, fixing them to the bottom of the mouth, and then using materials that had to be surgically inserted into the mouth.

Since then there have been many different materials that have been invented that can be inserted into the mouth to enable dental implants to grow. The materials include a substance called urethane that is somewhat similar to rubber, and then there are other materials such as calcium phosphate, dental implants that form into teeth, and the most recent development is the use of dental implants filled with silicon.

Although there are several types of dental implants on the market now, you will need to consult with your dentist regarding what kind of tooth implants will best suit your needs. You will find that the success rate of using stem cells for dental implants is much higher than using silicone.

Dental implants for adults have proved to be the most successful method for making the biggest impact. If you suffer from missing teeth or if you are currently trying to regenerate your teeth, then consider getting a dental implant.

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