Silicon Valley Smile Solutions Offers Life-Changing Full Mouth Dental…

Dr. Amir HagShenas, Dentist in Los Gatos, CA

Dentist, Dr. Amir HagShenas, Offers Full Mouth Dental Implants in Los Gatos, CA

If you’re missing a number of teeth or all your teeth, full mouth dental implants may be for you.

Dr. Amir HagShenas lends his 30 years of dental experience to help patients seeking full mouth dental implants in Los Gatos, CA restore their mouth from missing teeth to a complete and beautiful smile. Full mouth dental implants are used to restore function and aesthetics to a smile that suffers from extensive tooth failure or multiple missing teeth. As a full-service dental implant practice, patients can receive all steps of their care in one convenient location at Silicon Valley Smile Solutions in San Jose, CA.

“Dental implants are basically root replacements that get embedded within the jawbone and allow you to have teeth on top of them. Those teeth get locked into the dental implants and that allows you to have a very beautiful, natural looking smile,” says Dr. HagShenas. “If you’re missing a number of teeth or all your teeth, full mouth dental implants may be for you.”

Full mouth dental implants are an advanced surgical procedure that can give patients with multiple failing or missing teeth a complete new smile. After extracting any remaining failing teeth, dental implants that mimic natural tooth roots are placed within the jawbone. This provides a strong support to hold a lifelike bridge of teeth. Full mouth dental implants replace all the teeth in the mouth and allow patients to chew, smile, speak and enjoy life as they would with healthy teeth.

The procedure typically involves the placement of four to six dental implants in each arch and utilizes cutting-edge dental technology to ensure accuracy, safety and predictability. Dr. HagShenas has invested in the latest Cone Beam CT scanner to capture highly detailed digital images of a patient’s bone, mouth and position of nerves. These images are then used to create dental implant guides which direct Dr. HagShenas to the proper position, angle and depth for each implant. Essentially, all guesswork is removed, and patients experience successful, gentle and long-lasting results.

Silicon Valley Smile Solutions is a full-service dental implant practice, which means that patients can get every step of their care in one location. Dr. HagShenas can extract failing teeth, provide bone grafting, place dental implants and restore them, all at his own practice. Patients affected by gum disease can also have their gum disease treated before receiving implant care to ensure maximum longevity of their smile.

Those interested in receiving full mouth dental implants in Los Gatos, CA or surrounding areas are encouraged to contact Silicon Valley Smile Solutions in San Jose, CA and schedule a consultation with Dr. HagShenas. The practice can be reached at or by calling 408-377-5134 to schedule an appointment.

About the Dentist

Silicon Valley Smile Solutions offers full-service dentistry in San Jose, CA. Dr. Amir HagShenas has been practicing dentistry for nearly 30 years. Dr. HagShenas received his doctorate in dental surgery degree from the University of Minnesota, where he has since been honored with the Irwin A. Epstein Award for Excellence in Endodontics, among other numerous accomplishments. Every year, Dr. HagShenas completes many hours of continuing education in implant and surgical dentistry, far above the requirements mandated by the Dental State Board of California. His motive: “I am committed to help my patients to receive the very best in dentistry.” Dr. HagShenas and his team at Silicon Valley Smile Solutions are dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest dental technologies in order to provide the highest quality of care for patients undergoing treatments like full arch dental implants. Skilled in numerous areas of dental treatments, Dr. HagShenas is particularly passionate about providing long-lasting, full arch dental implant treatments that are, in many cases, available in just one office visit. It is Dr. HagShenas’ goal to form lasting connections with every patient built on trust, partnership, and compassion. To learn more about Dr. HagShenas and the services offered at Silicon Valley Smile Solutions visit or call 408-377-5134 to schedule a consultation.

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